Great leaders also know where their organizations are not capable

June 5, 2014

One of the most exciting times in a company’s history is when it begins to grow, grow, grow. One of the most stressful times is when you begin stabilize, slowdown, or stop growing. I have worked with a number of organizations in the area of moving into growth again, after being stalled. One of them was a successful manufacturer in the Twin Cities area that had a long, very successful run in growth because they were excellent at what clients needed. It was the envious position as a business that could raise their prices when revenue seemed to be lagging to make up the loss in sales. However, there came a change in the management of the organization, and I was asked to help analyze the vital signs of the company. It turned out, although successful, they had become over 75% dependent on one organization as their customer, and this customer had begun to use reverse auctions to lower prices […]