aboutDavid Stark
Business and Church Strategist

David Stark, as President of Businesskeys Int. (www.businesskeys.com) has worked with leaders of organizations in the areas of leadership development, culture enhancement, and business strategy. He has partnered with dozens of firms to clarify their Business strategy and creating a strategic road map for the future of the organization. As the author of 5 books, David also works in the areas of talent and team development both with individuals and teams within a wide variety of profit and not for profit organizations.


JRphotoJustin Royer
Business Growth Strategist/Service Designer

Justin is an experienced marketing executive and entrepreneur passionate about customer experience, service design and digital strategy. Justin has held senior leadership positions for organizations including Golf Galaxy, Griffin International and Periscope as well as co-founded Sprocket Marketing, a boutique loyalty consulting firm. Today, you can find him at Sprocket CX helping small and medium sized organizations create compelling customer experiences. Justin also teams up with David on advising clients on business strategy by manifesting the ideas presented here at the David Stark Collective.


About the Collective

In the history of the United States, organizations, whether they are government, business, non-profit, or school based have had a built in tension of core values that our nation embraced. Basically the powerful spirit of individualism, self- reliance and independence that has built this nation was in tension with the Judeo-Christian sense of community, citizenship, and cooperation amongst a diverse group of people who were formed around the ideals represented above, not a particular geography like the nations of Europe. In the past 5 decades, the values around community have been in sharp decline, and therefore the sense of unity, a collective spirit, collaboration and one nation has splintered significantly, and the sense of social capital has been pushed further to the margins of society.

Alongside this development, was a major counterforce best represented by the Internet, or for our purposes, the giant, and all encompassing “nervous” system of the world that is connecting, collaborating, and building whole new structures that are energizing the sense of collective like never seen in human history. This transforming force is changing all the traditional organizational design and structures across all parts of the human endeavor and proving to us that we are, indeed, better together. In fact, much of the cutting edge thinking around organizational design, structure, processes, capabilities, and systems is using the language of complex adaptive organization. The metaphor replacing the machine is the master image of organizations of the future being analogous to the human body, a rich metaphor around which the tension between individual specialization and expertise is coupled with a complete interconnectiveness and sense of the whole body. This metaphor best represents the organic, flexible, adaptable, networked organizations that are purposeful and focused toward effective action in the ever-changing world. For the first time in a much fuller way, the Christian sense of “Body’ found in the New Testament, and the deep understanding ( sometimes buried) of our sense of both individual development in balance with community based responsibility provides a wise source of guidance appropriate to organizational design and structure of our age. It along with other forms of wisdom and practice are very informative as a master metaphor during this digital, networked, and interconnected age.

This platform is dedicated to the discussion and ongoing development of these ideas as they evolve over the next few decades of major transitional change in all organizational expressions in our world. It is our hope that contributors from many organizational settings and backgrounds will join our interaction on this blog in this exciting time of embracing the power of people together. Structures, organizational design, strategy, etc. is changing and leading toward a future that embraces the collective alongside the power of individuals in making contributions through various institutions. We believe that these ideas also have a lot of power for the digital native generations today, who crafted and grew up with a daily life routine structured with a “communication operating system” that involves connection, network, collaboration, and is tribal in nature. We see these developments as extremely positive in moving past a world dominated only by individual achievement and a self absorbed focus back to the balance of individual and collective sense of identity in our world. Please join us on this journey.

BusinessKeys and BKChurch

Founded In the early 1990’s, BusinessKeys Int. and BKChurch have worked with hundreds of organizations, profit and non-profit, using methodology that is cutting edge in business and crafted from working in the leadership of non-profit and for profit organizations. Today, David Stark currently divides his time as a business consultant and President of Businesskeys Int., and as a church consultant with BK/Church. He has co-authored five books, four of which apply to his church consulting and one that is used in business contexts. He holds a B.A. in Biology and Chemistry from Claremont McKenna College, and a Master’s of Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary.  He and his family reside in Minneapolis, Minnesota.