They’re not stocking cheese any more!

They’re not stocking cheese any more!

February 12, 2014

In Ken Favro’s December’s strategy and business post, he pointed to the rapid expansion of the word’s “business strategy” since 1980 on Google’s analysis of word usage – it has increased 900%! Business leaders are experiencing ever more rapid change in their particular area, and realize that strategic thinking is no longer captured in 5 year projections, or depending on competitive advantage lasting even a full business cycle. A few stories from the field will help. I was working with a person who recently was hired as CEO of a successful software firm. They had a big success in one area of software, and had invested 12 million in creating a parallel product, which they have asked this new leader to ramp out. The problem he wanted me to address was the reality that he could find no opening set of buyers who wanted to buy the solution they had created. Talking with potential customers revealed that they didn’t want […]

100 years ago Today!

January 5, 2014

A century ago today, a businessman made a series of business decisions that were instrumental in launching the middle class in America. His name was Henry Ford, and together with his Treasurer James Couzens, they chose to double the income of the workers in their factories to 5 dollars a day (if they also complied to a code of conduct), limit the work week to 5 – eight hour days, and follow up with a lot of other positive changes for the average worker at their plants. The results were almost immediate, doubling their annual revenue in 3 years, eliminating the terrible turnover within the plants, catalyzing interest in top candidates wanting to work for Ford and eventually making a car and that was affordable for the average American, helping to set up the building of the middle class in America. That famous story demonstrates the power that business people can have by making choices that benefit all parts of […]

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