BusinessKeys Int., David Stark’s consultancy organization, has been working both with for profit and non-profit organizations for 17 years in the Upper Northwest region. Today, the consulting practice focuses in 4 areas:

Direction and Clarity for business leaders

Business Strategy Keys helps leaders navigate constantly changing market conditions by creating and refreshing business strategies and Vision Frameworks for organizations.

Business Growth and Performance enhancement for the organization

Culture and Revenue Keys have been helping companies define their Differentiating Value, market discipline priorities, and Core culture priorities to better perform in the marketplace. In addition, through Sales analysis and Culture Keys tools, we work to remove roadblocks to greater revenue success.

Adaption and Alignment of systems and processes to increase effectiveness in the marketplace

BusinessKeys consultants are experts in business system analysis and business process mapping. This helps identify redundancies, missing capabilities, and adaptive strategies to respond to the changing demand in various customer segments.

Customer and Network responsiveness

A growing expertise for our consultancy understands all the important aspects of being a connected organization, both for customer and network responsiveness in real time. This ongoing feedback and information allows the adjustment of the capabilities within the business to synergize and collaborate with external resources for the constant renewal of the companies offerings.

Our Methodology

The consultants at BusinessKeys do not believe that off the shelf strategies, processes, or analysis is near specific enough in the environment to help organizations adapt, redesign, or thrive in our volatile and rapidly changing marketplaces. Therefore, we work together with the leadership of the organization to customize solutions, strategies, processes to specific situations, both internal and external. This involves working with many people in the organization to address the issues with firsthand experience. We also don’t believe you can effectively address the issues of the organization simply by treating the symptoms or pain that the leaders are experiencing. Therefore, we do a more in-depth workup of the overall company health, using various tools so that we make sure that when we make recommendations and adjustments, they effectively eliminate the underlying issues creating roadblocks or problems for the business to succeed.