6 Traits of a Successful Digital Organization

6 Traits of a Successful Digital Organization

What do all great digital organizations have in common? At least the six traits we discuss in this episode. Here are the notes from the show:

  • According to our friends at GoKart Labs, “we’re all digital startups now”
  • 6 traits of successful digital organizations according to McKinsey:
    • Mindset
    • Hiring the right talent
    • Create a ring of protection
    • Asking “why” of every process
    • Utilization of big (and small) data
    • Using digital to reduce cost to deliver

“As a strong proponent of digital transformation, I do not want to discourage traditional companies from adopting digitally powered management practices. However, when building a vision for the future of your company, think of the digital forces as you would vitamins or prescription drugs you ingest in your body. The right amounts, applied under the right conditions, can yield fabulous results. But using too much, or in the wrong conditions, can be poisonous…To summarize, digital transformation needs a heart. In an age of digital innovation, leaders in every industry should strive to transform every part of the company, from customer experience to business models to operational management. But we cannot forget that it is people who make companies work…In the long run, digitally savvy companies engage both mind and heart of their employee’s”

– Dr. George Westerman (MIT Sloan)

  • Notice the use of the body metaphor by Dr. Westerman
    • The heart is a major theme in both the Old and New Testaments, where it refers to the center of our being and from which all activity comes.
    • Four essential capabilities come from the idea of heart in the Bible, emotions, moral conscience, Spirit driven contact that energizes and guides people’s lives, and acting by our will. Organizations that do not have those attributes become just digital nervous systems. The body of Christ image pervading the New Testament keeps returning us to balance all parts of the body, in submission to the head, which is Christ Jesus through the Holy Spirit’s activity in our lives. It helps us come to the same conclusion that Dr. Westerman suggests – Digital, like the nervous system of the body, is only one of many important components of a successful organization, albeit a very important one.

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