Relationships are Central

Relationships are Central

In this digital age, who knew it was still interpersonal (face to face!) interaction that matters. As it turns out, good things happen when we enter in to personal relationships to get work done. That doesn’t mean that technology has to be thrown out the window.

In the first half of the show Dave illustrates how business leaders are using collaboration technology such as Skype for Business (formerly Microsoft Lync) to effectively “walk around the office” even if that office spans across the globe. Justin then waxes on about how social media ties may be more plentiful, but sometimes they’re weaker (referencing recent research from Susan Pinker)…and Millennials feel more “overburdened” by technology than any other generation.

After the break the discussion turns towards the relational management work by Tom Peters, biblical “one-anothering” commands, and emotional intelligence. If that weren’t enough, Dave even throws out a reference to The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis! Finally, the two of them discuss how the importance of relationships has manifested in modern work space design from the likes of Fisher Price, creative agencies, and Disney/Pixar.

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