The Power of Networks

The Power of Networks

Did you know that Christians in the early church were referred to as “the friends”? They were. Sounds a lot like the social network concept we’re so used to these days, doesn’t it? During this episode, we discuss the power and influence of networks in modern business (and the world in general).

The original model of the church was that of a highly connected network. The Body of Christ was the central organizing image of the first century Church – and we have yet to see a more impactful movement on earth than the spread of Christianity during the first several centuries.

We discuss how this networked image is playing out in modern days thanks to the digital nervous system that our friend Bill Gates helped to make popular. From Facebook to Uber and Airbnb, we talk about the power of networks in our daily lives. We also talk about how networks are changing the way we work with examples from professional service firms, Target and the growing “freelance economy”.

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